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River Competence
The largest particle that can be carried by a river

Human Factors Influencing Stores in a Drainage Basin

Humans can negatively or positively (to a lesser extend) influence stores in a drainage basin. Remember that stores can include groundwater, aquifers, springs, rivers, soil, puddles and even vegetation. Affecting stores negatively means inputs, flows and outputs are going to affected also. For example, decreasing river water or deforestation means evaporation and transpiration are also going to be affected respectively which lessen rainfall thereby reducing inputs.

Negative Influence

Well and Borehole Construction

Constructing wells and boreholes lowers groundwater storage.


Lack of trees means the ground is more compact and infiltration is impeded and runoff promoted reducing groundwater and soil moisture. Also vegetation itself act as storage in roots and leaves.


Mining causes deforestation and also excess sediment produced by mining choke rivers leading to siltation.


Agricultural activities such as irrigation can drain rivers, groundwater (through wells and boreholes) or small lakes. Agriculture can involve the removal of trees and overgrazing which depletes vegetation (store)altogether.


Concrete surfaces and asphalts are impermeable and impedes infiltration and therefore reduce groundwater storages.

Positive Influence on stores


Tree plantations can increase vegetation storage and groundwater as vegetation promotes infiltration.

Storm drains

Storm drains collect running water and is channelled to rivers or underground.

Cloud seeding

Increases rainfall and therefore stores.

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