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The point where a suddden break in the river's gradient occurs. See Knickpoints

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Challenge yourself with these free Geography questions

Here's how it works, there are 15 questions each carrying 1 mark. There are multi-choice answers to choose from and allowed to select one or more.
Rating is based on your total not the time.
< 7 = Bad,
8 -11 = Fair,
12 -15 = Good,
16 -18 = Excellent

At the moment, the questions are based on Climatology, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Deserts, Population & Environmental management.

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A gently sloping extension of a hill or plateau

A type of fold where the strata is extremely folded into a "Z" like pattern.

A type of mudflow where volcanic debris mixes up with water or ice.


According to the Hjulstrom curve, which type of soil needs high velocities as same as boulders to be dislodged

This type of flow is the main contributor of water to a river.

An area of shallow water found in the inner bends of a meander.


An atmospheric condition where an air parcel cools faster than the atmospheric air but cools slowly after condensation.

Which of the following is not a vertical transfer of heat

How is hail formed

Hot Deserts

How was the Sahara desert formed

A desert landform formed when sandy wind abrades soft strata lying close to the surface.

A coastal dune with horns facing the windward side and moves in the direction of the nose(stoss side)


Which of the following best reduce rural-urban migration

What is the average replacement level

Which of the following countries has a higher ageing population

Environmental Management

Which of the following is a Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)

Which layer of the atmosphere is ozone found

Which of the following is degradation

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